Thursday, May 11, 2006

Most Interesting

I have Sitemeter set up on this blog because I'm curious about who reads the blog and how they got here. The most interesting way a few people have gotten here is by doing a Google search on "broccoli is a fruit" (yes, with the quotation marks). Would you believe my entry on S. explaining that broccoli is a fruit at home and a vegetable at Grandma's hosue is the third thing Google pops back? Apparently, a politician in Oregon got into an altercation questioning whether broccoli is a fruit.

So, welcome, even if you are an Oregonian who wandered here by accident while searching for something from The Colbert Report.


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Hans said...

Hi, I came on your blog by Sitemeter too, because you or somebody else came from your blog to mine:

Best regards from Tbilisi, Georgia, Caucasus