Thursday, May 18, 2006

Six Months Already

So today's my blog's 6 month birthday. Six months ago today, on a Friday afternoon when I really should have been working, I set up Mrs. Wheezer. I didn't thinkI would still be at this 2 months later, let alone a whole half a year.

It's funny the ways this blog has changed me. Lately, when S. does something entertaining, or I'm frustrated with L.'s food allergy, I think how good I will feel once I do a brain dump here in Wheezerland. I've become much more interested in how the blogging community as a whole works. Would you believe that this month, I went through and read every last entry on the Waiter Rant blog? That's right, every - last - one. Boy, would I love to be able to express myself with the clarity, warmth and humor as well as Mr. Waiter. He truly has a gift.

You see all the blogs there on the right? I have only added blogs where I have read every single entry at one point in time or the other. I'm a little behind on a couple of them, but if you see yourself on the list, know that I've spent time reading your blog and feel privileged that you have shared with me (and the rest of the world).

I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing here on this blog. Already, I've gone back, read entries, and thought that I was so glad I wrote it here because I had forgotten all about it. I have not had a single nasty comment so far, and I'm glad. Conflict is not my style.

Having fun while it lasts.



Builder Mama said...

Congrats on the 6 month mark! And thanks for the blogroll shout-out!

Liz ;-)

Tree said...

Tat's great, Mrs. W! I remember when you "came out" and I have enjoyed this ever since.


Mayberry said...

Wow, I definitely feel honored to be on your blogroll. Thanks for reading, and happy anniversary!