Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pumping mom survival guide - Tip Number 1

With the exception of the tubing, every washable part of the Medela Pump In Style (here) can be sent through the dishwasher.

1. Buy dishwasher baskets with lids like these. I stay away from the plastic coated metal ones since the coating tends to crack and rust leaks all over the place. Separate all non-bottle pieces and place them in the baskets, making sure that the lids close securely.

2. For the little valve thingies, I use a tea ball like this one. Place the little white valve flappy thingies in the tea ball and hook it to the dishwasher basket. Voila! No need to worry about losing and/or tearing them during washing.

I had been pumping for S. 3 or 4 months before I figured out the above. Using the dishwasher opened up a lot more free time for me in the evenings. Plus, I quit losing the little white valve flappy thingies.


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