Friday, February 03, 2006

Culinary Experiences in the Wheezer Household

S.: I want peanut butter on my wienie.

Mrs. W.: It's 'May I have'

S.: May I have peanut butter on my wienie?

Mr. W.: I don't think you're going to like that very much.

S.: Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase (tears are closing in)

Mrs. W: Just put a little bit on the end. If she eats it, then we can peanut butter the whole thing, but I really don't think she'll like it.

Mr. W.: That's what I'm doing now

S. (with a big mouthful of hotdog, peanut butter and bun): Ummmm, that's so good. I like it! I like it, Mama!

Mrs. W. (suppressing the urge to gag): Oh boy. This is just so gross.

Mr. W. finished doctoring the hotdog with peanut butter. Would you believe she ate the entire thing, peanut butter and all? I'm telling myself it's okay since she tends to refuse meat altogether and at least she was getting plenty of protein.


S.: Broccolli, I want broccoli.

Mrs. W.: S., it's, 'May I have'

S.: May I have broccoli?

Mr. W.: Sure

S.: Broccoli is a fruit.

Mrs. W.: Broccoli is actually a vegetable.

S.: At Grandma and Grandpa's broccoli is a vegetable. At home, it's a fruit.

By the by, have you ever in your life heard of a 3 year old who loves broccoli but hates hamburgers?