Monday, May 22, 2006

Smelly Kid, Smelly Kid

What are they feeding you?

We have no idea what has set S.' tummy off, but she had the most astonishing bout with gas yesterday. From tub time to bed time to beyond, she was a toot a minute. Mr. W. was the lucky one who put her to bed last night, and S. repaid him by tooting right in his face and cackling about it.

She kicked off her covers after laying in bed a quarter hour and in typical four year old fashion yelled for Mommy to come and cover her back up. I stepped into her room, and I swear my eyes started watering. Apparently, she spent the twenty minutes between when Mr. W. kissed her good night and the call for me, tooting away. I have never entered any room other than a public restroom with that particular concentration of foul odor. Oddly enough, the girl seems quite proud of her accomplishment. Unfortunately, the ozone layer is now a couple inches thinner after that particular load entered our atmosphere.


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