Friday, May 12, 2006

Going to a Party

Wednesday night right at S.' bedtime, she and I decided to do a little 'girl stuff.' She wanted to play in my hair, and I was of a mind to let her.

I sat on the floor while she clipped several ladybugs, butterflies, smiley faces and these weird triangular snap-clips in my hair (11 altogether). While she worked, this was our conversation:

S.: We're getting ready for a party.

M.W.: What sort of party?

S.: A dress-up party.

M.W.: So what are you going to wear? (thinking princess dress-up)

S.: My dragon costume (leftover from halloween)

M.W.: So what am I going to dress up as?

S.: A princess. You and L. will be princesses and Daddy will be a dragon like me.

M.W.: So what do dragons do?

S.: Dragons scare everybody out of the castle.

M.W.: What do dragons do with empty castles?

S.: They squash them.

M.W.: What about the princess from the castle?

S.: The dragon eats her!

M.W.: Oh my

S.: It's only pretend, silly.



Tree said...

I love these conversations!!! I can almost hear the little voice saying, "silly."

Builder Mama said...

OMG, that is just too, too cute. I could eat her with a spoon!