Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Things to Do

Current incarnation of my list of things to do:

Work related
  • Finish the 7 projects that are currently in various stages of 'abandoned for the moment because something with a higher priority came up'
  • Come up with the specs and business needs supporting me getting a laptop with VPN setup (hellooooo working from home effectively)
  • Complete document filing before somebody comes wanting to look at the paper manuals stockpiled in my office

Home related

  • Clean our bedroom. It is totally trashed.
  • Prep S. room for moving L. in. I think I am finally ready to get L. out of our room.
  • Figure out what color we're going to paint the new twin beds that should be available for pickup any day now. I'm thinking we should paint the beds a sort of winter white and stencil blue roses on the head and foot boards. The beds are sleigh bed style and have a perfect 'canvas' for a stenciling project.
  • Reorganize all my crafty stuff so that I can find what I want when I want it. L. has just discovered the joy of opening drawers and dumping everything on the floor. The direct result of all that is my craft stuff is in chaos.

Blog related

  • Get back to work on the template. I've been experimenting with tweaking the template to something a bit more personalized at home with so-so success. The latest draft is in shades of blue rather than the current pink. It's got some margin issues, and I'm just not satisfied with its feel.
  • Come up with something more interesting to put on here beyond to-do lists.


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