Saturday, June 30, 2007

Now this, is pitiful

While Aimee at Greeblemonkey is enjoying the wonders of the iPhone, I am studying for an exam coming up in November. For those of you interested in the particulars, it is one of the preliminary actuarial exams. Yes, folks I am up to my ears in interest theory.

Anyhoo, these pesky actuaries expect candidates to have a more than decent understanding of certain mathematic principles when they sit for the exams. The one area I fall flat for math is memorizing. In particular, memorizing the quadratic formula. It's sad, I know, but I never DID actually fully, permanently memorize one of the more basic and well-used formulae. No, I spend waaaaayyyyy too much time trying to factor equations. That will not be an option for this timed exam.

In my internet quest for the formula, I found this little website: and have downloaded 'The Quadratic Formula Song' It strikes me as being something Aimee's Brian would invent (were he to take a mind for making calculus fun...).

Maybe with a *ahem* catchy tune, I will finally, finally manage to memorize this sucker.

Over 2aaaa, over 2aaaa, over 2aaaa... mmmmm quadratic formula...

Friday, June 29, 2007

T-minus 22 days!!!!


As the pregnancy turns...

First, let me just say how much I adoooooore the pregnancy hormones than turn me in to a raging, weeping, barfing mad lunatic.

Yesterday, I finally got around to calling my doctor's office in order to schedule my first ob appointment. This is the same doc I have gone to for 9 years. He delivered both of my babies, and takes care of my entire family's aches, pains and regular vaccinations. I am somewhat attached to him and the way he practices medicine. Okay, I am VERY attached to the way he practices medicine.

Imagine my disappointment when I was told he no longer delivers babies. In fact, NONE of the doctors in his practice delivers babies any more (and haven't for nearly a year). My reaction to this news was to very quietly and rationally hang up the phone and burst into tears. Yes, full-blown tears streaming down my face. AND. I. COULD. NOT. MAKE. THEM. STOP!

A little background is in order here. My alternative to the family practice clinic is the ob clinic nearby (gotta love an HMO!). I had dealings with one of the OB's there when pregnant with S. and then again during labor with S. that *ahem* did not go well. In short, I would rather perform a c-section on myself in a parking lot with a rusty knife than allow this woman anywhere near me again while I am in labor.

Anyhoo, so I dissolved into tears at around 1:05 pm (gotta love cell-phone call history) with visions of this hideous monster of an obstetrician delivering my baby. At 2:18 pm (gotta love Outlook), I e-mailed Mr. W. and asked him to take me home. After a (very short) negotiation, he agreed. I managed to stop crying for 10 minutes to put on make-up and scoot out the front door (oh the things I am proud of...). Once I got in the van, the tears started up again, and did not stop for a good 2 hours.

I called my mom in tears. I watched the news in tears. I ate peanut butter cup ice cream in tears. Once I got to the point where I could finally speak coherently, I called the ob clinic and scheduled my first official ob appointment. I have met and been seen by the ob I chose to take over my prenatal care on a couple occasions. I have a decent feeling about him, and he is supposed to be the least interventionist of the doctors there. However, if I think about that woman delivering my baby, I lose that good feeling. (sigh) Did I mention that I loooooove pregnancy hormones?


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Funny at work

Conversation with Sales VP and his secretary while discussing end of year bonus issues.

Me: I want to let you know that there may be a few issues concerning end of year retro incentive. I will be on maternity leave when that kicks off, but I am working on procedures to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible in my absence.

Secretary: So, does that mean you're pregnant?

VP: Yes, I do believe it does.

Secretary: Weren't you, like, that way a year ago.

Me (laughing really hard by now): More like 3 years ago. The baby turned 2 back in February.

M.W. (still laughing)

L.'s new trick

As if we weren't exhausted enough. Between pregnancy for me and insane work hours for Mr. W., we've also added in the new and oh-so-fun fact that L. can climb in and out of her crib at will. This, in fact, she did until after ten o'clock last night. It is time to break out the big girl beds...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Updates all over the place

My Niece
Her court date was week before last. The judge was NOT happy about the plea bargain where my niece would do 10 years probation and told her so in no uncertain terms. He also added the restriction that my niece is not to be alone with any of her children for the next 10 years. 10 years where she cannot be alone with her child over a stupid accident... I hate this for her.

Ultrasound on Friday showed a heartbeat located in the uterus! I'm still having twinges and assume it is just a cyst, but I still haven't heard the official report from the doc.

I am reduced to pretty much eating jello and pudding as those don't hurt when they come back up.

I hate, loathe, despise, detest, etc. etc. etc. being pregnant. It is worth it in the end, but gee, if I could pick up a baby at Target, I'd be delighted. The only reason we go through pregnancy rather than adopt is because I do love the breastfeeding experience.

I hate the nausea and constant vomitting that lasts 6 months for me. I hate the baby kicking and adding to the constant seasick sensations. I hate being so uncomfortable. I hate feeling like I'm sharing my body with a little parasite for nine months. I hate the constipation. I hate the stretchmarks. Really, there is nothing about pregnancy I enjoy. Nothing.

It took me awhile to accept that and to realize it did not make me less of a woman or mother. Nor does it mean I love my children less. Nor does it mean I do not value the privilege of carrying a child. These all hold true, but I am miserable the entire nine months. For those of us who struggle with the 'ideal beaming pregnant mother' and falling short, there is nothing wrong with us. (((hugs))) to the other miserably pregnant.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Just for Greeblemonkey

So, I was, like, in the bathroom, and like, you know, hurling up breakfast. Wouldn't you know there'd be someone else in there. She was like, are you okay? I was like, yeah, it's like morning sickness. No big. She was like, do you want me to get Mr. W? And like, I was like totally touched she was being so, like thoughtful and all.

I totally told her everything was cool, but she, like, went to Mr. W. and told him his wife was barfing in the bathroom.

I guess my little secret is, like totally out there now. Fer shure.

Friday, June 15, 2007

This time the bucket is red

It seems like the only time we buy a new bucket around here is when I'm pregnant. I don't remember the bucket from my pregnancy with S. I tried really hard to block that out, LOL. With L. it was a pretty baby blue bucket that went with me everywhere. I have vivid memories of me and that bucket behind the Shipley's Donuts when taking S. to daycare one morning... ah, the memories.

This go around, the bucket is a really cheerful bright red. I think I'm growing attached to my bucket. This is a good thing since I spend more time with that bucket than with Mr. W. Poor guy. I don't snuggle up to him. He's been replaced by my shiny red companion.

There's just something special about the relationship between a girl and her barf bucket.

And I'll have you know I only had one communing session with the bucket while writing this post. I suppose it's good to still be sick, but if I'm going to lose this pregnancy, the least the pregnancy gods could do was spare me the constant vomitting. Especially after I decided a turkey pot pie sounded good for breakfast. Baaaaad idea...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I had fun at lunch today

I presided over and ran the Table Topics portion of my company's Toastmasters club. Neither of our speakers could make it to the meeting, so I did up Table Topics a little differently. Normally, during the Table Topics portion of the meeting, the Table Topics master gives a topic to each person, who then gives a 45 second to 1 minute 15 second speech over that topic.

The company has been on a big push lately with Customer Service, and I thought a complement to that initiative would be handling sticky situations. I gave each of the attendees a sheet of paper listing seven sticky situations that I personally experienced in recent memory. Each member was asked to either pick a scenario off the list or describe one from their own experience. Then, the speaker would give a short talk on how he/she would have handled the situation. Once everyone in attendance gave a short talk, I switched gears and we had a good 15 minute discussion. We talked about how to tell a customer 'no' and what to do when your supervisor said something you knew was incorrect in a high-level meeting.

Just in case you were curious, the sticky situations were:

1. You have been asked to evaluate a speech given by a novice speaker. The speaker struggled through the speech. You spoke to the speaker before the meeting and found out that the speaker was worried about nerves but was very excited about the topic of the speech.

2. A customer has asked you for information, and you are unable to provide it for him/her.

3. Your supervisor has given a presentation and has asked for your feedback. Overall, you thought the presentation was great, but there were a couple areas that needed improvement.

4. An angry customer has called you and insists that you can help him with his problem. However, he has somehow reached the entirely wrong department, and you are unsure who can help him.

5. You have been working as a team member on a major project. Close to the deadline, you realize that you gave other members of the team wrong information. This means there will be additional work for the team, but the project deadline remains unchanged.

6. You are attending a meeting with your supervisor and other more senior staff. During the course of the meeting, your supervisor makes a statement that you know is incorrect.

7. A customer has asked for special consideration, and you find that the customer is not eligible for that consideration.

All in all, I was impressed with the maturity and professionalism of our little group. I hope the others came away from the meeting with an additional tool or two to pull out when the next sticky situation arises. I know I did.

Wishing I had ignored that blasted pain in my side

Levels went up, but didn't double. Doc wants me to have another ultrasound next week to see if there is a fetal pole. (sigh)

I am so sick and miserable I can't stand it. Mr. W. is stuck and can't take me home (we ride together). I guess this is okay since I'd just be throwing myself a pity party at home.

If I lose this pregnancy, I'm not doing this again... My kids are picking up on the stress and are seriously acting out. S. misbehaved so badly during her swimming lesson yesterday, that she knocked another kid into the water. Naturally, it was the youngest, most frightened kid. L. is whining and clinging all over the place. Mr. W. is stressed about handling everything while I am so out of commission. On top of that (and this is really silly), we are in complete disagreement with respect to girl names.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Results are in, sort of

Finally head back from the doc:

1. There is something that is probably a yolk sac in the uterus. It's too soon to really tell if there is a true bean in the sac. Odds are pretty good, though.

2. There is definitely something on my right ovary. It's probably a cyst, but there is a chance it is ectopic. This is odd since I feel the twinging on my left side.

3. There isn't anything on the left ovary.

4. If my hcg results come back tomorrow doubled from where they stood Monday, then I'm in good shape.

Deep breaths.

Still waiting, waiting, waiting...

This is killing me. Aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhh!

I did talk to my best friend last night, and she assured me that they wouldn't have let me leave if there had been something truly awful going on. She's right, but I'm still biting my nails.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

for the doc to call with my ultrasound results. First blood test came back with high levels, so that's good. Now I just want to hear that the tech found one intrauterine bean... They'll be drawing blood again tomorrow, and I'll get the results on that Thursday.

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Step away from the bulletin board...

I left a snarky reply on a public bulletin board directed toward women with morning sickness. A couple of 'enlightened' women decided to post that morning sickness was all in the mind. Oh please!

I'm not proud, but honestly, who goes around gloating about how good their fortune is to a bunch of people who are experiencing the opposite?

M.W. the hormonal and nauseated

Because Joansy asked, this is what I posted:

Well, aren't you the fortunate ones. You know, some people claim that pain in childbirth is all in your mindset. Along with PMS and menstrual cramps. Just because you are fortunate, it doesn't mean the rest of us will share in your good fortune. And, you know, since I never had back pain in pregnancy, that must all be in my mind, too.

I'm almost sorry about the snarkiness of this post, but I've endured horrible, horrible morning sickness with all three of my pregnancies. I almost hate women who haven't endured this misery and are oh-so-happy to share that with me. The morning sickness board probably isn't the best place to share your good news.

fwiw, I've spent time last pregnancy and this one consciously meditating on feeling good and channeling positive energy. I'm still having violent vomitting. Apparently, my mind just isn't in the right place.

Going back to my nice place now. Congratulations on your healthy pregnancies.

Goin' to the doc

Wouldn't ya know that my regular doc is out of the office today, so I get to see someone I've never been to before. joy...

I'm annoyed with the appointment clerk, and know I should just drop it. When she asked me how many months pregnant I was, I told her 5.5 weeks. She asked me when I found out, and I told her May 31 (yeah, yeah, it was actually the 28th, so sue me). She then assured me that I was actually 7.5 weeks or more. Oh, please. I decided not to argue with her, but I know my cycle. I will be 6 weeks on Thursday. I don't need a snotty appointment clerk to tell me differently!

I have a 3:00 appointment, and I don't wanna goooooo.... (hear the whine? I get it from my kids). I do plan to ask for a script for the morning sickness. I'm not even 6 weeks, and it's already spiraling out of control.


Post appointment update: Doc is convinced that everything is fine. However, he's ordered a quantitative hCG and an ultrasound just to make sure. I go back tomorrow for the ultrasound and then again on Wednesday for the second blood draw.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Trying not to worry

Ugh. I've been having occasional twinging in my left ovary. Guess I'll be going to the doc a little earlier than I'd intended. I don't think it's an ectopic pregnancy, but I ought to get it checked out just to make sure. If it's still bothering me on Tuesday, I'll go in. The nice thing about my doc is that 99% of the time, I get in the day I call. The other 1% is because he's out of the office that day.

If it gets worse, I guess I'll be making an ER run later this weekend. (sigh)


Sunday night update: Thanks for all the well wishes. It hasn't gotten any worse, but I'm still twingy. Thinking maybe I'll call in on Monday rather than waiting 'til Tuesday. I'm pretty sure it's a cyst since it doesn't seem to be worsening, and I've had no bleeding or other scary symptoms. I had a corpuse luteal cyst when pg with L. and this feels pretty similar. But if it isn't, I sure don't want to mess around. Nothing like having someone you know nearly die from a ruptured tube to make a gal take things seriously.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I swear they weren't there yesterday...

I have 3, count 'em 3, long hairs on my face. These aren't the normal dark coarse ones that sprout from the mole on my chin and that I pluck on on a weekly basis (yech). No, these are baby fine to the point of being nearly invisible. However, these suckers are each at least an inch long. Where did they come from? Are they some kind of magical quick-growing hair? Is this going to be my future? Will I wake up one morning covered in baby-fine fur?

Inquiring minds...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I'm still at work, waiting for my data to finish loading so I can send my department head the numbers he won't look at for another couple of weeks (bitter, me?).

Since this is way after regular business hours, I break one of the cardinal rules and listen to streaming audio. My favorite station right now is 98.7 the River of Savanah, Georgia. I originally come from that part of the country and love listening to the local flavor.

The Delilah show is on now. That kind of soft pop appeals to me tremendously when I'm stuck working really late. It always throws me, though. I tend to have Delilah on the radio on the way home, too. Since Georgia is Eastern time zone and Texas is Central, I always get major de ja vu listening to what I heard an hour ago. Confusing, isn't it?


And so it continues...

4th test was also positive. I didn't take a picture, though. Maybe I can fish it out of the trash?

Ugh. I feel like crap right now. Dizzy, tired, HUNGRY, nauseated all together. Unfortunately, I can't do a blessed thing about any of that right now since I am still at work for at least another couple hours.

Cast of Characters: Freddie Nemo Wheezer

Along back in April, we had a 5th birthday party for S. The theme was 'The Little Mermaid.' My mother asked if she could give S. a betta fish as a present. I told her it was okay, thinking we'd pretty much ignore the thing while it sat there and did nothing.

Mom brought us Freddie (or is it Freddy, S. can't spell just yet). Freddie is blue with red fins, and Freddie is neurotic. The little guy sits in his glass bowl in the center of our kitchen table. We have dinner with Freddie usually six days a week, as well as most breakfasts and lunches on the weekends. The thing is, Freddie just about poops himself anytime someone moves, makes a sound, looks at him cross-eyed, etc. If we didn't have a cover over his bowl, I'm certain he'd have done the belly-flop of death out of his bowl and onto our kitchen table by now.

His glass house has one of those big leafy plants sitting on top with the roots going into the water. Freddie frequently gets himself tangled up in the roots and then thrashes around until he comes zipping out toward the bottom of the bowl. I don't know, maybe the fish needs a valium... and I need to sleep.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Update to the Broccoli question

Per the USDA food nutrient database:

*drumroll please*

The floret of the broccoli (raw) has more Vitamin A than the stalk. All other nutritional values provided were identical. Thank you very much. I will now skip eating broccoli stalks with no guilt. LOL


Some people are just bullies

The daughter of one of our secretaries is expecting her first baby later this month. The women this girl works with have been horrible to her. Between yanking her chain concerning work hours and then forcing her to listen to every pregnancy/labor/delivery horror story in the book, they are turning Lori into a nervous wreck.

I hate people who prey on pregnant women, especially first time mommies to be. Whether it's telling horror stories or reaching out to touch her belly without permission, it is bullying and wrong. Ugh! I'm just seething about this. If she weren't nearly 9 months pregnant, she could go job hunting, but as it is, she is stuck. Oooooh!!!!

Clothing dilemma

Starting this year, I started giving away my maternity clothes (the nice ones, not the icky ones that were falling apart). When I started giving out boxes of clothes, the mommies all asked me if I wanted them back. I answered, of course not.

For the most part, I don't really want them back... However, there is one nice black dress that will be great when I'm huge. How tacky would I be to ask the mommy if I could borrow it for a few months? She's on maternity leave right now, so I don't think she'll need it again for a bit, LOL. Okay, I won't really ask for anything back. But if people offer, I'll accept. I'm not proud.

My mom would say that it was time for new clothes. That's a novel concept. Hardly any of my maternity clothes were brand new. I accepted hand-me-downs and purchased stuff off e-bay for maternity wear. Buying new for the 3rd kid feels odd. Maybe I'll start frequenting the local consignment shops...


This is new and different

We made it to the zoo on Sunday. S. and L. had a ball playing in the water sprinklers (who needs to see monkeys when you can watch a pack of half-dressed kids getting soaked). Unfortunately, the festivities had to be cut a trifle short due to *ahem* intestinal problems. Turns out that the same hormone surges that cause morning sickness can also trigger *ahem* intestinal issues. New one on me, but I am getting to experience it firsthand. blech

I still haven't put a call in to the doc yet. Perhaps end of June, I'll call to get set up as an ob patient. I'm in absolutely no hurry to go in (heck, it's been 2 years since my last PAP), but I guess I ought to before too long.

When I was pregnant with S. and then with L., I had a call in to our doc before the urine had dried on the stick. I'm much more relaxed this go around. For example, I had a nausea-free day today (until about 2 minutes ago, yuck). Instead of fretting that there was something wrong, I've enjoyed actually feeling good while pregnant. This is a rare, rare thing for a gal who had 6 months of severe morning sickness with each of her two pregnancies.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

I love that kid

Mr. W had to work all day today, so it was just me and the girls. Our big plan for the day was to go to the zoo so we could play in the water part. It took us forever to get out of the house because: A) I slept like crap last night (again), and felt like I was wading through wet cement. B) L. was behaving like the contrary 2 year old she is. and C) S. could not stay focused on such complex tasks as putting her shoes on.

By the time we left the house, it was 10:40. Mr. W had loaded the recycling in the back of the van, so we swung by the recycling center. Note to self: They do not take green glass. By then, it was 11, so I offered to pick up a pizza for Mr. W and a couple of other people stuck at work on Saturday. Pizza was delivered at 11:30. Then we stopped at Burger King for lunch and some play land time. Question to self: Why on earth would a fast food joint with a play land NOT have a changing table?

By then, L. had indulged in full-bodied screaming, so we went home instead of to the zoo. The plan was for the girls to take naps, and then we'd head out. If we didn't make it to the zoo, then we'd set up the wading pool in the backyard. However, I was so exhausted, I could hardly keep my eyes open, and neither of those things happened.

At bath time tonight, S. pulled her lower lip and said that we had not set up the pool. I sat her down and asked her if she remembered us telling her that we were going to have another baby. She answered yes, and I went into the whole 'pregnant mommies are very tired' routine and apologized for not doing the things we planned today. She hugged me and asked if I would feel better when the baby was here. I answered that I would feel better sooner than that. She sat for a minute and said, 'How about if I pretend my bath is my pool.' I told her that was a fine idea. She scampered off to put her clothes in the dirty clothes and announced she was going to change into her pretend Ariel swimsuit. Happy as a clam and not grumpy with me at all.

I hate to disappoint her, and I will suck it up and take her there tomorrow. Of course, since Mr. W should be home, I think it will be far more likely.


Friday, June 01, 2007

From S.

You're my favorite mommy, and you're my only mommy.


It's an illness..

Oldest one is up top. LOLOLOLOL