Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I could really use something caffeinated right now...

Latest checkup at the doc's office showed quite a spike in my blood pressure. It came down during the visit, but taking measurements at home show a bp flitting and flying up, down and all around.

Sooo, in the spirit of being proactive, and in the hopes of avoiding a heart attack any time soon, I am changing my diet. OUT goes the caffeine, DOWN goes the sodium, UP goes the potassium, veggies and fruits.

In a week and a half, I've managed to lose 5 pounds and find a caffeine headache. Ouch!

The headache is absolutely not helped by the fact I was rear-ended last week while stopped for a traffic light. BANG went the car, POP went my back, and CRACKLE went my neck. BLEEEEEEEEEPPPP went my mouth. I have multiple reasons for being grateful the kids were not in the car with me. Not the least of which is that they would have expanded their vocabulary quite a bit that day. I don't normally swear, but boy did I let loose after that fender bender.

Monday, February 01, 2010

And I never knew her name

I came across unexpected, and very sad news in the internet universe last week. A lady who frequently posted on a blog I regularly read passed away unexpectedly. She was 40.

It struck me that even though I never conversed with her (even on the blog), and she wouldn't have known of my existence, I feel her loss. Her postings were always lively, uplifting and forthright. She made a positive impact on dozens of people who she literally never met.

If you're the praying sort, say a little prayer for Gayle Broadbent-Ferris' family. They must miss her sorely.

If you have children, kiss a frog, wear a tiara and cut out some paper dolls together with your kids.

Her obituary: http://www.funeralalternatives.org/Obit_Results.asp?ObitKey=1642

Becauthe the talkth like thith...

After 2.5 years hemming and hawing and trying to figure out therapy and schedules, we finally started L. on speech therapy. Her first session was today, and she skipped merrily off with her therapist. Literally. It completely cracked up the entire waiting room as she flipped her ponytail back and forth.

They have begun work on the letter 's' which I cannot recall having ever heard L. pronounce properly. This includes the times she and I have stood in front of the bathroom mirror practicing. The little mite just can't seem to keep her tongue back on the right side of her teeth.

She came skipping back to me after her session, pretty pleased with herself. The dark cloud fell when I told her she had to go back to school so I could go to work. When she threatened to run away from me, I informed her that threatening to run off was not okay at all. My response made her start to cry... Mommy guilt is in huge overdrive today.

Ah, well, I am taking vacation two days next week and plan to spend one of them with the L.-bug. Maybe spending the day together will ease the guilt a trifle.

Meanwhile, Mr. W. and I will have to sort out schedules for taking L. to her 10:30 appointment twice a week. It is inconvenient timing, but I am grateful that she is going to a very reputable clinic that is part of the local university. I am also grateful that the cost for a semester of one hour/week therapy time is costing us a grand total of $50.