Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This'n Thats

Dropoff this morning:

S. could hardly wait to go check out her room and re-acquaint herself with it. L. actually waved bye-bye and blew kisses to me. Awwwwww... I love when I get that reaffirmation that we have placed our kids in a great childcare center.

Gone to the dogs:

Since fat looks better tan and I have a bad family history of skin cancer, I started using the Jergens' fake tan lotion. When I walked out to the little kiddie pool in the backyard Sunday, I had to practically beat our two dogs off with a stick. Little dog was licking and slobbering over my feet, ankles and lower calves, while big dog slobbered upper calves to mid-thigh. Just so you know, that Jergens stuff is the food of the gods to dogs. I hate to think what they would have done if they got hold of the bottle...

Can't watch the news:

My Dad is traveling from Afghanistan home for a short furlough. I can handle the anxiety of him being so far away in a war-torn country with almost no panic attacks. However, I sit on the edge of a massive panic attack the entire time he travels. In the meantime, I cannot bear to watch the news until I get the phone call from my mom that he has arrived safely. I am incredibly thankful for all our Vets (past, present and future) and their families. We owe so very much to you all!

L. is just so cute:

L. got hold of the phone this weekend, punched a bunch of numbers and held the handset to her ears. My apologies to whoever has phone number 444-433-3333. You know these 15 month olds and their phone fixations.

S. and I match:

Sunday, Mr. W. took L. with him to the hardware store, while S. and I hung out at home. We made a Father's Day card for Mr. W. Then we played 'Nail Salon' where I cut S.' fingernails, and then painted them and her toenails pink. My fingernails were trimmed and painted as well. S. told everybody on Monday how she and I had sparklies on our nails.


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TxGambit said...

Did I ever tell you my dad travels a lot for work? Not like your dad, but its the travel part that gets me. I can't watch the news until he lands.