Sunday, September 23, 2007

Photographic evidence

I have an hour or so to kill, so I thought I'd post the 'it's a girl' u/s pic. I'm not exaggerating about the hour. Between limping along on a 7 year old computer and dial-up internet connection, it is an hour.


Now, I, personally don't see girl parts in this image. It looks more like a lack of boy parts. However, during the actual u/s, I think I saw what was most definitely girl parts. Still, I'm not 100% convinced we're having a girl. Of course, I wasn't convinced until I saw for myself in living color for S. and L.

Mr. W. and I have settled on the first name for this little girl but are still working out the kinks for the middle name. Anyhoo, her first initial will be A. When you consider that our last name starts with W, we will have the SLAW girls. Maybe I can have matching sweaters made...

Friday, September 21, 2007

New country western song?

I Barfed This Morning, But I've Felt Fine All Day

I bet Weird Al could take that title and make something of it... Anybody got a direct line to him?

You know what's fun?

What's fun is getting a phone call from your 5 year old's Kindergarten teacher informing you that:

a. Despite having a good morning, your daughter wound up having a color change in the afternoon. This makes 4 days in a row.

b. She had a crying fit in the cafeteria because she had lost her lunchbox. The lunchbox was found in the hallway where she dropped it. Crying fits are VERY unusual for this child unless she is sick.

c. When you ask the Kindergarten teacher if there's been anyone sick in her class, she informs you that yes, there was a child out with strep throat. You proceed to groan and tell the teacher that your daughter is very susceptible to strep and between the exposure and the crying fit, you are 99% sure your daughter has strep as well.

d. You call your husband's cell phone and the home phone trying to reach him in the faint hope he can get your daughter to the doctor for a strep test this afternoon only to reach nothing but voicemail.

This is fun... NOT

Monday, September 10, 2007

Flora, Fauna & Merryweather

I had the BIG u/s on Thursday. After waffling for weeks, I decided to go ahead and find out if the bean has girl parts or boy parts. Mr. W. wanted to find out and the poor guy had to miss the u/s, so I had pity on him.

We are infanticipating a 3rd little girl. In celebration of this occasion, Mr. W. proposed we rename the elder two Flora and Fauna and name this little sprite Merryweather in honor of Sleeping Beauty. He is such a funny, funny man. The baby appears to be absolutely perfect.

I decided that since Mr. W. couldn't go to the show, he should get SOME kind of a surprise. On the way home from my appointment, I told him that while everything looked perfect with the little bean, the legs were crossed the entire time. heh heh heh

So I popped into a party shop and purchased a dozen helium filled pink balloons. Watching me try to stuff those into the cab of Mr. W.'s pickup truck provided entertainment for several hanging out in the parking lot. I drove on home and managed to haul the balloons out of the truck and into the house. Kudos to me for only breaking 2 during this process, LOL. The balloons were set up in the middle of our living room with the u/s picture stating the bean was a girl.

Mr. W. and S. walked in and S. chirped, 'Birthday balloons!!!!'

Mr. W. looked at me quite puzzled. I told him to take a look at the card... He has since accused me of being verrrryyyy sneaky. I think he enjoyed the surprise. The girls definitely enjoyed the balloons. S. is over the moon about having another sister. As the eldest sister, she predicts (quite accurately) that she will someday have a room to herself while the younger 2 will eventually have to share. smartypants.

Anyhoo, I had an ob appointment Friday morning, where the topic of contractions and preterm labor came up. Now, I am one of those oddballs who has tons of contractions all through the pregnancy only to go past term and wind up delivering after hours of pitocin. My u/s was even delayed a few minutes because the contractions interfered with the doc's measurements. This is completely normal for me. However, my ob is new to my weirdness, LOL. Despite my assurances, he strongly encouraged me to let him get an u/s measurement of my cervical length. He was pretty shocked with what he saw, LOL. He was looking for anything over 3 cm. Mine is (in his words) a county fair award winning 5 and some change cm. Wonder if that has anything to do with me needing 7 hours' pitocin drip for the silly thing to open up...

ps. I'm still off my meds and have only been sick 3 or 4 times over the past week (including once this morning, but that's okay).

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Shhhh... don't tell

I've been off my nausea meds for 4 days now. I've only thrown up 3 times (and none today).

*shhhhh* looks like this might be the beginning of the end of the morning sickness.

Too good to last

S. had her first color change yesterday... for throwing rocks at another child on the playground.

I knew she wouldn't stay out of trouble forever, but it sure would have been nice if she hadn't tried to hurt somebody else. *sigh*

Update at 5:15 PM. Mr. W. informs me that S. had not 1 but 2 color changes today. Something about not following directions... Here we go again.