Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pumping mom survival guide - Tip Number 2

This tip applies to data, family photos and most everything else that is valuable to you and could be lost/destroyed.

Have backups! If you've bought a nice shiny pump with one complete set of pumping aparatus, buy a 2nd, or better yet 3rd or 4th set. Valves have a nasty habit of disappearing or ripping. Bits and pieces of plastic do crack from time to time. When those minor catastrophes happen, you will be tough out of luck (and miserable from engorgement) if you don't have backups. The other positive to having additional copies is being able to skip a wash day from time to time.

When I pumped for S., I had two sets. Now that I'm 10 months into this little project with L., I actually have 4 sets plus a manual hand pump for just in case. It may seem expensive, but when you calculate how much formula runs compared to these little lifesavers, you still come out ahead. Heck, we bought a pump, bottles and a deep freeze for what we didn't spend on formula for S.


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Keith said...

Also, my wife discovered dogs are mammals, and will eat the tubes.