Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Here are some lovely oopsies from the Wheezer household over the past few days:

S.' comment during Mother's Day dinner: Aunt L., you're just too fat to fit there.

L. has just learned that a toddler-sized chair does not make a good rocking horse. She has the knot on her head to prove it, too.

I just found out that Amazon will be shipping my mom's Mother's Day gift right around Father's Day.

S. was not kidding when she said she had to 'pee right NOW.'

Mr. W. needs to make nice comments about Mrs. W.'s hair unless he wants the Mr. Potato Head glasses to come flying at him again. Yes, I'm teaching my little sponges, er, girls to throw things when angry. Ooops!



Tree said...

What is for MD? and I used to throw things when angry...

Mrs. Wheezer said...

My mom is learning to play the mandolin, and I've ordered a couple of song books for her. I'm aggravated with myself for procrastinating, but who would have expected Amazon to take a month to send out two books?