Friday, October 24, 2008

That didn't work...

Chat with the Cable Company's customer service advised me to, wait for it... contact the exact same people who 'fixed' my bill before. Oh, and get this, requests for a manager were met with 'We don't have a manager in this queue.' Yeah, right... they're just putting all these guys on their little computers with nobody over them? I did not just fall off the turnip truck.

I called the customer service number on our Collections notice suspecting they just might have some experience dealing with people's screwed-up bills. Veronica was very pleasant and apologetic and assured me she had everything fixed. I guess I'll know for sure if/when my cable gets turned off.

Ya know, if my bill is still screwed up, I'm going to post the name of this Cable Company on my blog so all 10 of my readers will know. (very small laugh at myself here)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Normal Channels Haven't Worked

E-mail sent to my oh-so-lovely Cable/Internet Service Provider:

I would like to please speak to a customer service representative, any customer service representative who is capable of providing just the tiniest margin of customer service. My bill is a screwed up mess, and I am begging, please, please, please, let me speak to someone who is even remotely capable of managing a billing customer service issue. Surely there is someone left.

Issue: $60.64 in excess charges plus a $5 late fee and threatening disconnect letter
Documentation: Transcript promising free installation; receipt dated 9/24/08 showing $0 balance and printout showing that we were charged for 2 installations. This was after speaking to an exceptionally disinterested customer service rep in person in Waco.
One unreturned voice mail from Sunday evening (I left this after being transferred three times and spending 30 minutes on the phone).

I am seriously doubting that customer service is anywhere on This Company's list of priorities.

I wonder if this will get anyone's attention. It feels like I've been yelling down an empty corridor just listening to my own echo for a month now...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The most beautiful word you ever heard... October!

My darling, sweet, L. of the speech impediment can now say the word 'October' perfectly. She was so proud of herself that the first thing she did when she got home that day was come straight up to me and repeat 'October' over and over until it dawned on me that she said it as well as her older sister.

Now, if she just hadn't stayed up half the night practicing...

Friday, October 03, 2008

Going Political (just this once, probably... maybe)

I plan to vote Libertarian this election. Quite frankly, I can't tell any real difference between the Republican and Democratic nominees beyond one of them seems more likable than the other. They've both had to sell at least 3/4 of their souls in order to get the backing needed for the nomination. All those concessions will mean that significant change to the status quo just can't happen.

If you are serious about making changes, then you should back a third party. Traditionally, it's the active third party that has ultimately made significant changes to the way our country works (abolition and women's right to vote to name a couple).

I don't trust the government to look after anything other than its own self interests. That, again, means keeping the status quo to a certain extent. Those currently in power have zero incentive to make any significant change.

I am pro life, and cannot begin to wrap my mind around choosing to have an abortion. However, I don't trust the government to enforce that, either. For one, there are way too many uncertainties. You just cannot legislate for every possible scenario. I think the pro-life movement would provide a FAR greater service if they focused on pregnancy prevention and support.

I think marriage should be between a man and a woman, and if my church officiates a same-sex marriage, I will be ticked. However, it is none of the government's (or my) business what two consenting adults of sound mind decide to do. The thought of a constitutional amendment defining marriage burns me up as a huge waste of time, energy and violates its very spirit. Beyond enforcing the marriage/civil union contract, the government should butt out. I do believe that if two same sex adults bind their lives together the same way a traditional married couple does, then they should experience all the pluses and minuses (including taxing negatives and sharing work benefits pluses).

I'm also ticked with all the political parties (even minor third parties) that turn this into a combat-fest. Come on, we are citizens and only want the best for our country. When you consider how evenly split the nation is just looking at Democrat/Republican side of the world, it is insane to keep things so full of animosity. We are going to end up (yet again) with half the country jeering at the other half, and I am dreading that.

Having been anti-major party so far, I will say that I am encouraged that whichever party wins, it will be historic. It is exciting that the Republicans were able to put a woman in the VP slot and the Democrats put a black man in the Pres spot. Who could have predicted this even 20 years ago?