Monday, May 15, 2006

It was Mother's Day Weekend All Over

Friday evening, we picked up L. only to be told that IST (incompetent substitute teacher) gave her some buttered toast at breakfast that morning. Apparently the sign with the two inch high letters stating: NO DAIRY OR DAIRY PRODUCTS FOR L. FOOD FROM HOME ONLY was a little too subtle for her. L. had a runny nose all day, and I crossed my fingers that would be the only reaction. Unfortunately, runny nose turned into upset tummy which turned into 48 hours of really nasty diarrhea and bleeding welts all over her poor little bottom. She's doing better today, but was pretty pathetic Sunday. All she wanted all weekend was mommy and sobbed pitifully when I was not holding her. It could have been worse, much worse, but my baby was miserable all weekend because of IST.

S. is old enough to 'get' Mother's Day, and I got the hugs, kisses and 'Mom, I like you' to prove it. I love that kid. Thursday evening I swapped out my 'Cathy' hair for something with a bit more style to it. Mr. W. (in a bit of a sulk for me having the nerve to chop off 6-8 inches of hair) refused to comment about it. S., on the other hand, informed me that my haircut was pretty. And has done so several times since then. Of course, I also decided to wear a little lipstick for the first time in years. S. noticed right away, 'Mommy... your lips! . . . Mommy ... your lips . . . Mommy ... your lips . . . Mommy, your lips ... are PINK!' Thank you, S. I was feeling a little self conscious about wearing makeup again, and now I know that my subtle lip color isn't so subtle after all. Of course, she made up for it by telling me, again, how pretty my haircut is. Now if she would only let me give her hair a trim. It has never been cut, and now that it's down to her bottom, it is time. However, I promised myself I would never force a hairstyle on my kids. Let's hope her appreciation for my haircut will translate into a desire for a cut of her own.


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