Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why I Did Not Want to Come to Work Today

1. 8:00 am meeting to prep for an 8:30 am meeting. Turns out 8:00 meeting was canceled, so went into 8:30 slightly less than well prepared.

2. S. is still not feeling 100% and has been very sweet and affectionate. She even wants me to come to work in her school so I can always be in her class. Boy do I hate these guilt trips.

3. L. did not want me to leave her when I dropped her off at daycare. She held on tightly to my shirt and assumed the rigid 'don't put me down' pose. She also plopped down on the ground and burst into tears when she realized I really was leaving.

4. The weather is gorgeous. It would be a perfect day to take the girls to the zoo, park, anyplace really. Instead I'm stuck in my dinky interior office with not even a view of the great outdoors to keep me company.

5. So far today I've found two system problems, and I wish I were at home blissfully unaware of them.

M.W. (ho hum)

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