Monday, March 20, 2006

S. has found a wet nurse

S. has always been curious about L.'s nursing activities and has repeatedly asked if she can try it out herself. I refused each request, and now S. has found an alternative.

Saturday night, Mr. W. put S. to bed and then came to tell me not to be offended that I have been replaced. S. decided to snuggle up with Daisy, her giant stuffed dog, declaring that she was a puppy and Daisy was her mother. Snuggling into Daisy's belly, S. started making smacking noises and told Mr. W. that she was getting milk from her mama.

Yes, my daughter has found herself a wet nurse in the form of a big, floppy stuffed dog.

Hey, K (if you're reading this)! I'll bet you never expected THIS use for your Christmas gift to S.


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