Friday, March 10, 2006

I Passed my Test!

It was by the skin of my teeth, but I passed ARe 144 Reinsurance Principles and Practices offered by the American Institute for CPCU and Insurance Institute of America. Of course, if I had studied for more than 10 hours, I would have done better than a pass on the teensiest, tiniest of margins.

All I have left to get my Associate in Reinsurance is ARe 145, which is a readings in reinsurance class. Then, I can take the one remaining exam I need to get my Associate in Regulation & Compliance. Then maybe after that, I will take the risk management classes... LOL! I'm obsessed!

The last test I took of any kind (well, except for pregnancy related tests, LOL) was back in November 2003. Sheesh, I didn't realize it had been so long since I indulged in my bizarre little obsession with taking insurance courses. Oh well, Mr. W. doesn't complain too much. Partly because I do wait until the last minute and only study for a couple of days so our family life isn't disrupted too badly, and partly because the company gives me a little incentive payment when I pass. I'm using part of this one to buy the latest Harry Potter movie.

Of course, I am also toying with taking one or two of the big mama actuarial exams. Those would require significantly more discipline on my part (read: I would have to study on a consistent basis and not just the week before the exam). I had planned to take one in late 2005, but pregnancy with Miss L. made me so sick that studying was entirely out of the question.

M.W. - I passed my test!

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Keith said...

I'm an AIRC too! I have never met anyone, including my boss, who'd heard of it until today.