Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Day two of the relactation project

So I'm on day three of trying to rebuild my milk supply. Yesterday was pretty depressing with a grand total of 3 ounces pumped, when I really want to be producing between 8 and 10 ounces each day. Today's definitely better with 5 ounces so far (yay me!).

L. woke up this morning much happier than she has in days. I think the last of the dairy has worked its way out of her system as she has no rash anywhere and is pretty chipper again. I'm a little concerned that she has begun spitting up again. Let's just hope and pray she isn't developing a reaction to the soy in the soy milk we've begun to give her. Either way, I found out there are two pediatric allergists on my health plan, and we've got an appointment to talk to our primary care physician. I'm going to really push for a referral because I am very scared and confused (and a little depressed as well, I want some chocolate in the absolute worst sort of way).


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