Friday, March 31, 2006

How Odd am I?

I am excited that today is March 31 and cannot wait until tomorrow. Is it because I love April Fool's day? No. Is it because I love spring? No. Is it because April is a simply fabulous month? It is, but no.

I am excited because the pharmacy that filled L.'s epi-pen prescription screwed up. Instead of giving us pens that expired in several months, they gave us pens that expired in March. Now realize, we filled this prescription earlier this month. At the time, I was furious. When I called the pharmacy, they suggested we come by the next day (it was 10:00 pm) and exchange our pens for newer ones. When I started hyperventilating on the phone (no, I was not ugly, merely trying not to cry from frustration), the clerk got the pharmacist.

He also suggested we come back the next day to exchange medication. When I told him that we NEEDED a pen to go with our daughter to daycare, and I was really scared after one frightening episode, he relented. He commented that medication that expired in two weeks would do him no good and told us to just come and pick up a fresh prescription at no charge.

My urge to cry vanished at that moment. Instead, I started thinking that it would be REALLY cool to see what administering an epi-pen would be like. Visions of shooting up a piece of fruit or something with epinephrine danced about in my brain. At this precise moment, I have an orange I left in my office just a little bit too long sitting on my desk. Tonight, the tired little orange goes home with me and gets shot full of expired epinephrine. I am so excited, it's sick.

I am a bit torn, though. A very big part of me wants to test out both pens myself. The more sensible part thinks that the director at L.'s daycare should get a 'shot' (ha, ha, I am so punny) at it since L. does spend a great deal of time there. Or perhaps Mr. W. should have a turn. At any rate, if L. remains free of anaphylactic symptoms, we have two more pens that expire in November, and yes, I am looking forward to December 1, too.

Why yes, I do have a very strong sense of curiosity. Why do you ask?


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