Thursday, March 09, 2006

Reason Number 634 Why I Love Our Doctor

We got home last night and had a message on our answering machine from Dr. S. that he would try again to get hold of us today. This morning, I called the clinic and left a message that he could reach me on my work phone during the day.

He called a half hour ago to let me know that:

A. He had consulted with an allergist he thinks VERY highly of and would like to refer us to him if we don't mind the 2 hour drive. The last specialist he referred was fabulous, so I'm very happy about this development.

B. He was going to look into getting a RASP? test done on L. to try to figure out precisely what her allergy is. He wasn't sure if the blood could be drawn at his clinic or if it needed to be done at the allergist's clinic. Apparently MAO does the analysis for this particular test.

C. I need to remove all dairy and dairy products from my diet if I am going to continue breastfeeding (already done!).

If not for another stupid system problem at work and a test I have scheduled for tomorrow, I would be on cloud nine. We found vegan chocolate truffles at our local grocery store, and they are delicious (not just in the 'oh it's pretty good for being healthy' sort of way either).


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