Friday, March 03, 2006

I was quoted!

One of the blogs I occasionally frequent is The Lactivist, a forum where breastfeeding is strongly endorsed. Jennifer has a lot of excellent, excellent info about everything from the practical to the humorous to the political issues surrounding breastfeeding. Imagine my surprise when I took a look at her post promoting The Pumping Project on Rookie Moms . Rookie Moms is a forum for new moms to go and pick up first hand tips on being a new mommy. The Pumping Project was a post encouraging moms who have pumped milk to share their unusual pumping experience. I'm a bit of a cheerleader when it comes to mommies pumping milk for their babies, so I contributed my own special story about pumping at the same time my company decided the building's windows needed washing.

The Lactivist took a couple of quotes off The Pumping Project post, and mine is the one about the man hanging from ropes.

It was a bit of a shock seeing my own words out in cyberspace. Pretty funny, too. And especially ironic since today is the first day I intentionally left my pump at home.

M.W. - who learned a valuable lesson about pumping milk in an office with windows when the window washers have come to visit

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Heather said...

Thanks for joining our pumping project and sharing your funny story!