Monday, March 20, 2006

The Pity Party is Over!

I'm feeling much better about handling L.'s allergy. Fear is NOT going to run my life, and really, we have plenty to be grateful for.

--L. is a beautiful perfectly happy, healthy baby
--S. is a beautiful perfectly happy, healthy big girl with a quirky imagination
--Mr. W.'s big project is in, and he will be home in the evenings! YAY!
--Our daycare is taking L.'s allergy very seriously, and I feel good that they will continue to take excellent care of her
--S. is on a field trip, and Mr. W. has gotten to go along (thanks to accumulating a little comp time after working insane hours for two weeks)
--Coca Cola is actually dairy free. The caramel color is non-dairy! yippy!


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