Monday, March 27, 2006

Well, THAT was awkward

I realized pretty early that L.'s allergy would put us in sticky situations from time to time, and Sunday was our first of probably many.

We were invited to a 'meet your Elder' get-together and meal at Mr. W's church. I thought we were going to go for the fellowship and then leave once the meal began. However, once the meal started that plan fell all to pieces. So, there we were surrounded by oceans of spaghetti with parmesan cheese, cake and even ice cream. So, there I was holding L. while she took a bottle and refusing to eat. S. was covered in the cheese, and all I could do was fret that L. would get on the floor and come in contact with some of it.

No harm done, though. Well, except maybe our Elder's wife was a little miffed since I wouldn't touch her food. She said she tried to be aware of our dairy issue. But you know what? Unless I can read the ingredient list, I just don't trust it. Some of the craziest things have dairy in them, and I did not want to take any chances. Hopefully she will forgive my little bit of rudeness.

It is hard for me to be ungracious, but I've discovered that there are a great many things I will do for my child that I would never do for myself. I've choked down food I despised for the sake of good manners. I've eaten food that looked a little, er, unclean in order to avoid embarrassing my host. But when it comes to my child's safety, I am perfectly capable of putting others on edge.



Builder Mama said...

MW, I so know where you're coming from. Monkey Man's peanut allergy has really put somewhat of a damper on being spontaneous or doing things with people who don't know us well. As someone pointed out to me way before we found out about the PA, people don't take food allergies seriously until they have someone they're close to diagnosed with it.

Our company is doing a big 30th anniversary party in a month and the hot issue is that there will be FIVE peanut allergic kids there. That's enough to make ME break into hives.

Great post!


Tree said...

It is frightening and it amazes me that so many people are unaware that these allergies in children can be life threatening.

Way to protect the litte ones, Mom!


Keith said...

An Elder? You've become a Methodist? Wikipedia says the only other denomination with Elders is Mormon, and I'm guessing that's not you.

The problem with being a Baptist like me is that we cannot appeal to authority. When one Baptist says something stupid on TV, there is no Pope to tell him he is wrong. I realize that's the good part too.