Friday, June 15, 2007

This time the bucket is red

It seems like the only time we buy a new bucket around here is when I'm pregnant. I don't remember the bucket from my pregnancy with S. I tried really hard to block that out, LOL. With L. it was a pretty baby blue bucket that went with me everywhere. I have vivid memories of me and that bucket behind the Shipley's Donuts when taking S. to daycare one morning... ah, the memories.

This go around, the bucket is a really cheerful bright red. I think I'm growing attached to my bucket. This is a good thing since I spend more time with that bucket than with Mr. W. Poor guy. I don't snuggle up to him. He's been replaced by my shiny red companion.

There's just something special about the relationship between a girl and her barf bucket.

And I'll have you know I only had one communing session with the bucket while writing this post. I suppose it's good to still be sick, but if I'm going to lose this pregnancy, the least the pregnancy gods could do was spare me the constant vomitting. Especially after I decided a turkey pot pie sounded good for breakfast. Baaaaad idea...


aimee / greeblemonkey said...

God, these posts are breaking my heart! How long does it go on???

mayberry said...

I remember thinking the same thing during my last pregnancy -- that if I were to miscarry it would be so freaking unfair that I had been so sick!

It finally went away, the baby was/is fine, and I fervently wish the same for you!

Keith said...

On the bright side, the bucket means you're NEXT in the e.r., even passing pregnant moms. A pregnant lady WITH a bucket, I assume, would definitely pass everyone.