Monday, June 11, 2007

Step away from the bulletin board...

I left a snarky reply on a public bulletin board directed toward women with morning sickness. A couple of 'enlightened' women decided to post that morning sickness was all in the mind. Oh please!

I'm not proud, but honestly, who goes around gloating about how good their fortune is to a bunch of people who are experiencing the opposite?

M.W. the hormonal and nauseated

Because Joansy asked, this is what I posted:

Well, aren't you the fortunate ones. You know, some people claim that pain in childbirth is all in your mindset. Along with PMS and menstrual cramps. Just because you are fortunate, it doesn't mean the rest of us will share in your good fortune. And, you know, since I never had back pain in pregnancy, that must all be in my mind, too.

I'm almost sorry about the snarkiness of this post, but I've endured horrible, horrible morning sickness with all three of my pregnancies. I almost hate women who haven't endured this misery and are oh-so-happy to share that with me. The morning sickness board probably isn't the best place to share your good news.

fwiw, I've spent time last pregnancy and this one consciously meditating on feeling good and channeling positive energy. I'm still having violent vomitting. Apparently, my mind just isn't in the right place.

Going back to my nice place now. Congratulations on your healthy pregnancies.


Builder Mama said...

Idiots do. Sorry you're feeling so icky...hopefully you can get some relief soon!

mayberry said...

Oh that is just rude! Anyone who'd say it's all in the mind--has clearly never experienced it. Hope the rx provides some relief.

joansy said...

What did you say!? I can't believe they did that.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

How rude of them!