Friday, June 29, 2007

As the pregnancy turns...

First, let me just say how much I adoooooore the pregnancy hormones than turn me in to a raging, weeping, barfing mad lunatic.

Yesterday, I finally got around to calling my doctor's office in order to schedule my first ob appointment. This is the same doc I have gone to for 9 years. He delivered both of my babies, and takes care of my entire family's aches, pains and regular vaccinations. I am somewhat attached to him and the way he practices medicine. Okay, I am VERY attached to the way he practices medicine.

Imagine my disappointment when I was told he no longer delivers babies. In fact, NONE of the doctors in his practice delivers babies any more (and haven't for nearly a year). My reaction to this news was to very quietly and rationally hang up the phone and burst into tears. Yes, full-blown tears streaming down my face. AND. I. COULD. NOT. MAKE. THEM. STOP!

A little background is in order here. My alternative to the family practice clinic is the ob clinic nearby (gotta love an HMO!). I had dealings with one of the OB's there when pregnant with S. and then again during labor with S. that *ahem* did not go well. In short, I would rather perform a c-section on myself in a parking lot with a rusty knife than allow this woman anywhere near me again while I am in labor.

Anyhoo, so I dissolved into tears at around 1:05 pm (gotta love cell-phone call history) with visions of this hideous monster of an obstetrician delivering my baby. At 2:18 pm (gotta love Outlook), I e-mailed Mr. W. and asked him to take me home. After a (very short) negotiation, he agreed. I managed to stop crying for 10 minutes to put on make-up and scoot out the front door (oh the things I am proud of...). Once I got in the van, the tears started up again, and did not stop for a good 2 hours.

I called my mom in tears. I watched the news in tears. I ate peanut butter cup ice cream in tears. Once I got to the point where I could finally speak coherently, I called the ob clinic and scheduled my first official ob appointment. I have met and been seen by the ob I chose to take over my prenatal care on a couple occasions. I have a decent feeling about him, and he is supposed to be the least interventionist of the doctors there. However, if I think about that woman delivering my baby, I lose that good feeling. (sigh) Did I mention that I loooooove pregnancy hormones?


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