Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Clothing dilemma

Starting this year, I started giving away my maternity clothes (the nice ones, not the icky ones that were falling apart). When I started giving out boxes of clothes, the mommies all asked me if I wanted them back. I answered, of course not.

For the most part, I don't really want them back... However, there is one nice black dress that will be great when I'm huge. How tacky would I be to ask the mommy if I could borrow it for a few months? She's on maternity leave right now, so I don't think she'll need it again for a bit, LOL. Okay, I won't really ask for anything back. But if people offer, I'll accept. I'm not proud.

My mom would say that it was time for new clothes. That's a novel concept. Hardly any of my maternity clothes were brand new. I accepted hand-me-downs and purchased stuff off e-bay for maternity wear. Buying new for the 3rd kid feels odd. Maybe I'll start frequenting the local consignment shops...



Tree said...

Go the consignment way! I hope you get the black dress back, too.

I lived in the Old Navy rolltop skirts and maternity t's. They were relatively cheap ($10 or so), comfortable, and not awful looking.

Gretchen said...

buy yourself a few, new, nice things. You'll feel so much better! Promise. I bought new maternity clothes when pregnant with my third.