Monday, June 11, 2007

Goin' to the doc

Wouldn't ya know that my regular doc is out of the office today, so I get to see someone I've never been to before. joy...

I'm annoyed with the appointment clerk, and know I should just drop it. When she asked me how many months pregnant I was, I told her 5.5 weeks. She asked me when I found out, and I told her May 31 (yeah, yeah, it was actually the 28th, so sue me). She then assured me that I was actually 7.5 weeks or more. Oh, please. I decided not to argue with her, but I know my cycle. I will be 6 weeks on Thursday. I don't need a snotty appointment clerk to tell me differently!

I have a 3:00 appointment, and I don't wanna goooooo.... (hear the whine? I get it from my kids). I do plan to ask for a script for the morning sickness. I'm not even 6 weeks, and it's already spiraling out of control.


Post appointment update: Doc is convinced that everything is fine. However, he's ordered a quantitative hCG and an ultrasound just to make sure. I go back tomorrow for the ultrasound and then again on Wednesday for the second blood draw.

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aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Good luck. Hope it goes well.