Saturday, June 02, 2007

I love that kid

Mr. W had to work all day today, so it was just me and the girls. Our big plan for the day was to go to the zoo so we could play in the water part. It took us forever to get out of the house because: A) I slept like crap last night (again), and felt like I was wading through wet cement. B) L. was behaving like the contrary 2 year old she is. and C) S. could not stay focused on such complex tasks as putting her shoes on.

By the time we left the house, it was 10:40. Mr. W had loaded the recycling in the back of the van, so we swung by the recycling center. Note to self: They do not take green glass. By then, it was 11, so I offered to pick up a pizza for Mr. W and a couple of other people stuck at work on Saturday. Pizza was delivered at 11:30. Then we stopped at Burger King for lunch and some play land time. Question to self: Why on earth would a fast food joint with a play land NOT have a changing table?

By then, L. had indulged in full-bodied screaming, so we went home instead of to the zoo. The plan was for the girls to take naps, and then we'd head out. If we didn't make it to the zoo, then we'd set up the wading pool in the backyard. However, I was so exhausted, I could hardly keep my eyes open, and neither of those things happened.

At bath time tonight, S. pulled her lower lip and said that we had not set up the pool. I sat her down and asked her if she remembered us telling her that we were going to have another baby. She answered yes, and I went into the whole 'pregnant mommies are very tired' routine and apologized for not doing the things we planned today. She hugged me and asked if I would feel better when the baby was here. I answered that I would feel better sooner than that. She sat for a minute and said, 'How about if I pretend my bath is my pool.' I told her that was a fine idea. She scampered off to put her clothes in the dirty clothes and announced she was going to change into her pretend Ariel swimsuit. Happy as a clam and not grumpy with me at all.

I hate to disappoint her, and I will suck it up and take her there tomorrow. Of course, since Mr. W should be home, I think it will be far more likely.


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