Monday, June 12, 2006

Top Three Stupid Things My Company Has Done

  1. So a few years ago, my company spent a ton of money building a rain cover thingy that covered the walk way from the curb up to the front door. At the same time they built the rain cover thingy, they also built a ramp to allow people to by-pass the stairs up to the front door. You know, like, if you're in a wheelchair or on crutches or something? Anyhoo, they constructed said rain cover thingy so that it did NOT cover the newly constructed ramp. Yeah, we've seen people on crutches slipping and sliding on the soaking wet ramp. Smart, huh!
  2. The company refuses to believe that a part time employee can be a valuable asset to the company. When I put together a job-share proposal, I was shot down. When I went to the big cheese responsible for turning my proposal down, I was told (I kid you not), 'You are too valuable an employee to have here on a part time basis.' So, if I were a slacker, I would have had a better shot? In the past couple of years, this company has lost a significant number of high-achieving women who would rather quit the work force altogether than stay with this mentality. My stampin' buddy Mrs. K turned her notice in yesterday. I wonder where they’ll find the three people it will take to fill her over-exhausted shoes.
  3. In a fit of insanity, our then-personnel director thought that women would rather walk down to personnel to request feminine supplies should an emergency come up. The dispensers in the ladies’ rooms were emptied. Fortunately for all of us, Mrs. D. pitched an unholy fit to her (male) boss, and the pads and tampons were returned to the dispensers.


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