Friday, June 16, 2006

My Daddy!

My Dad turns 60 years old today! Yup, he's among the first batch of baby-boomers (Mom's in that group, too, as she turns 60 in November). Even though I really don't like his decision to go to Afghanistan for work, I still have a tremendous respect for my father.

My dad is the person who taught me to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing. He always gave up his seat on the bus or train to any person older than he or any woman. This was not an act of condescension, it was out of respect. I have seen him help many a woman get her baby carriage over a curb. Just last week, he stumbled across a poor sick little puppy. Instead of calling the humane society, Dad took the dog home, cleaned it up, took it to the vet for shots and a checkup. The puppy has been placed in a good home (Mom's glad the puppy was not there to stay, LOL).

My dad is the person I once split an entire large Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza. I was a freshman or so in high school, and somehow we wound up spending most of a day together just the two of us. At lunchtime, we ordered a large pizza and ate the whole thing. I still feel bloated when I think of that, but boy was that a good time talking and visiting with my father.

My dad is the person who taught me to care for and respect my body. Up until his 'little' accident where he smashed half the bones in his ankle, my dad ran regular marathons. When I was a very young child, he gave up smoking (he was a bear during the initial cessation as he went cold turkey, but I digress). Because of his teachings, I never had a desire to pick up smoking or to experiment with any sort of recreational drugs.

My dad worked and continues to work hard. Dad's job took him away from his family (shoot, even out of the country) on a very regular basis. He also taught Sunday School, served as a Deacon, coached T-ball and participated in other activities my brother, sister and I joined.

My dad is a terrific reader of character. I knew when I brought Mr. W. home to meet my folks, and my dad liked him, that I truly had a winner.

Happy birthday, Dad! I hope you're safe and sound.


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TxGambit said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! I was just thinking about you and wondering how he was.

Hope he is safe!