Friday, June 16, 2006

Can You Picture That?

So construction began yesterday, a whole day early too, and I believe I'm the only displaced person who is happy with the move.

Picture, if you will, an auditorium large enough to hold 200 or so people comfortably. Picture the chairs removed and replaced with 9 desks. Wires hang from the ceiling to provide phone and network access for the souls whose offices are in the current construction zone. I have been referring to this auditorium as the cattle corral for the past year as various departments have been remodeled. My company is showing its communist side right now. The cattle corral consists of 3 vice presidents, 3 senior-type employees, 1 middle-type employee and 2 secretaries. The most senior executive VP has been given rather more consideration and has a biggish closet complete with folding table from which to work for the next several weeks.

What a hoot!


Two points to whoever can name the movie for 'Can You Picture That'

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Keith said...

The Muppet Movie