Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Busted or Thank Goodness for Needlenose Pliers

Honestly, if my head wasn't so firmly attached, I would have lost it somewhere.

My supervisor asked me to keep some software stashed in my desk for a couple weeks since she is currently working in the corral where she is unable to lock her temporary desk. This is all well and good, but I am not accustomed to locking my desk at night. If anybody wants to steal feminine supplies and post-it notes, let them, is my philosophy. Since Mr. W. and I commute to work together, I'm also unaccustomed to ensuring I always have my keys (you know where this is going).

Monday morning rolled around, and just as I hopped out of the van at work, it dawned on me. I had left my keys at home. Supervisor had not asked for the software in over a week, so I thought I could not say anything and just run home at lunch for my keys. Ten minutes before lunch hour, I get a phone call from supervisor asking for the software so she could do her installation. Oops!

I had to fess up that the keys to my desk were at home, and that I had planned to use my lunch hour to go get them. She seemed to be okay with that, but I knew she wanted to spend her lunch hour getting her computer updated.

  • the drawer where the envelops with the CDs opens about 1/2 an inch when locked
  • the software was the last thing dumped in that particular drawer
  • I had forgotten to put my ruler back in my desk on Friday
  • Mr. W. keeps needlenose pliers with him
  • I have really skinny fingers

After much wriggling around, I was able to extricate the CDs through the little gap in the drawer. Supervisor got a good laugh, but I think I'm going to make a copy of my desk key and have Mr. W. keep a copy on his key ring. Just in case.


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TxGambit said...

Good save! But, I guess if someone ELSE had wanted the software they could have gotten, huh?

Good plan on the spare key.