Friday, June 02, 2006

The Rest of the Story

It pays to make friends with the secretaries and supervisors. I talked to one of our secretaries and wound up at a stamping night with the woman's supervisor, and got the full story behind what happened at work yesterday.

The woman had been living with the man. The man regularly beat her, and she showed up at work with black eyes on more than one occasion. The woman broke up with the man and moved in with her parents. The man has since lost his freaking mind in a desperate attempt to regain complete control over her.

At lunch time yesterday, the man waltzed in the front door, signed the little guest book and walked up one flight of steps directly up to her desk. She is one of our clerks, and sits out in an open area with 15 other clerks. Man got into it with her and there was some yelling involved. Then, in an attempt to quit making a scene, she got up from her desk with him and went down the stairs with him. There was some yelling, and she went outside with him. Here's the part that floors me. She walked out to his truck, got in, and he drove off with her!

20 minutes or so after the woman disappeared, her co-workers became very worried and went to their supervisor (my stamping buddy). After Mrs. K. heard the full story, she went to personnel. Personnel (understandably) called the cops. Shortly after the cops arrived, the woman returned back without the psycho ex. Statements were taken. The woman said she was okay, and psycho ex did not physically hurt her. Mrs. K. told me she was torn between wanting to give the woman a hug or scream at her for putting herself in such danger while trying to avoid making a scene.

The woman was scared to death that she was going to lose her job over this. I can't see my company firing an employee over the misbehavior of an ex. They have not done so in the past, and as of last night, her supervisor has no intention in letting her go.

In an interesting ironic twist, our company implemented an Employee Assistance Program this week. We now have our first participant in the program. I hope she gets the psychological and legal help she needs. If you're the praying sort. This woman could really use it. She does not have any paid leave remaining and will be back at work today.

I freaking hate abusers. I hate what they do to their fellow humans. I hate it!


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