Friday, June 16, 2006

Heads Up 7-Up

We're well into day 2 of the pre-construction destruction, and my desk, computer, floor, etc. is covered in little bits and pieces of the ceiling. A co-worker commented that we're being sprayed with 30 year old dirt. Now, the dirt and crap in the air bugs me, but I have an air filter at home that I'm going to bring in on Monday. This is unless I come in this weekend to finish putting my office together and hang pictures.

It does concern me that a few years ago, a chunk of concrete the size of my fist fell out of the ceiling just a tiny bit down the hall from me. They were running cable at that time. I have to wonder what all the banging and pounding is going to shake loose... Meanwhile, I'm keeping my drinks covered with napkins and/or kleenex.



TxGambit said...

Yikes! I would be so sick with all the dust. Watch your drinks!

Isn't "heads up 7-up" a game?


Mrs. Wheezer said...

Yes, it's a game we played during recess when it was raining.