Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Think I am Ready to Quit

Freudian slip? Or just too exhausted to keep up?

This is supposed to be my last week to pump milk at work. I planned on weaning myself to one pump session per day (lunchtime) by the end of this week. Over the weekend, I planned to nurse L. mornings and evenings only, and come in to work on Monday with minimum engorgement by the end of the day.

The timeline has been stepped up a tiny bit since I forgot my pumping parts this morning. They are sitting in their little baggy on our kitchen counter waiting to be shoved into the pump bag. I am pretty uncomfortable right now, but things are manageable. At least this time I'm not wearing a shirt with quite a bit of cleavage showing. My sweater is blessedly high necked today.

If things aren't too bad today, I will pump off a little of the extra milk when I get home this evening. Then tomorrow, I will bring the pump NOT intending to use it. I've got enough frozen breastmilk to make it through the next couple of weeks while we transition L. to cow milk. If my stockpile runs out before L. is solidly onto cow milk, I do have a couple cans of formula that were sent to us compliments of the formula companies.

Freedom beckons!!!


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