Sunday, February 19, 2006

L. Turned One Yesterday

Happy birthday, L. I can hardly believe a whole year has gone by. It has slipped away with breathtaking speed.

We almost didn't have your party, and some of our friends decided not to come because you showed signs of getting sick. However, it turns out all you've got is a cold. I'm afraid that with a February birthday, you will have many, many memories of feeling cruddy on your birthday. I sympathise. Mine's in December, and I've probably been sick for half of my birthdays.

Anyhoo, back to your birthday.

Probably because you weren't feeling so hot from your cold, you didn't get much of a nap yesterday morning. I just knew you would be crying and miserable for your party that was scheduled from 2 to 4. Our first guests arrived right at 2, and you were sweet and cuddly with everybody. When we set you down with a slice of birthday cake, you dove in with gusto. Icing was squished everywhere, and I think you probably ate more cake than you wore (which was plenty, LOL). Your cousins wanted to know if that was your first time to have cake. It was, and they were impressed that you knew precisely what to do.

S. helped open gifts. By then though, you were so tired, you kept slipping sideways on my lap. As usual, you surprised me with your very sunny disposition even through the yawning. No crying or fussing the ENTIRE TIME, and the last of our guests left at 5:00. However, by then, you were yawning and waving bye-bye at everybody trying your best to shoo them out the door. We all thought that was pretty funny.

Happy birthday my little ray of sunshine.


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