Monday, February 13, 2006

(Some) Men are Pigs, AKA Mrs. W. Gets Mad

(Mr. W, if you’re reading this, this does not pertain to you in any way, shape or form, I’m just venting)

I’m angry. No, I am furious.

Pah! On you men who will stop at nothing to inflict pain on the women in your lives. Pah! You slimy pieces of filth. Pah! Pah! Pah!

I’m fed up with men who think that a woman doesn’t ‘deserve’ child support because she divorced him.

I’m fed up with men who think it is okay to use their own children as pawns in order to intentionally hurt their children's mother.

I’m fed up with men who consistently put their own needs first. Why can’t they suck it up and be adults! Most people will continue to work at jobs they dislike out of a sense of responsibility to their families. You should too!


I’m fed up with men who drag women through the courts and force them to fight for every meager cent they need in order to raise the children THEY HELPED CREATE! For crying out loud, a few dollars is not much to ask! Better yet, be a PARENT, not a sperm donor.

I’m fed up with men who take beautiful, strong and intelligent women and do everything in their power to turn those gorgeous, magnificent creatures into broken husks under their control. Pah!

I’m fed up with men who think that women who do not break down and cry when abused are heartless bitches. We aren’t! Often, all we have is that one tiny shred of dignity that will not allow us to show you our pain. We feel it, but we know that the one thing we can deny you is your seeing it.

I’m fed up with men who cheat on their wives only to turn it around and blame the wives, the mistress, any body or any thing other than themselves. Nobody pulled your pants off but you, buster.

Yes, I know women have committed very similar atrocities. Right now, however, I am angry that several women I know and love are suffering at the hands of men who at one time or another professed their undying love and fathered children with them. Pah!

Back to your regularly scheduled fluffy programming later.


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