Monday, February 20, 2006

Study, Study, fo Fuddy, Fee, Fi, Fo Fuddy, Study!

I have an exam over reinsurance principles and practices in 18 days, and I should really be studying. If I can force myself to work through one assignment every day, I should be okay for the test. Unfortunately, I'm having a very hard time screwing up the discipline to do much of anything, let alone delve into the extremely glamorous and titillating topic of reinsurance.

Shivers just run up and down my spine as I struggle to answer questions such as:

Describe the factors a reinsurer considers when underwriting a primary insurer before entering into a reinsurance agreement.


Define Capacity ratio

(Answers, in case you really wanted to know:

Financial strength, experience, reputation, management

The ratio of net written premiums to policyholders' surplus, also known as leverage ratio. If the number exceeds 3 to 1, the insurer is over selling.)

M.W. (yawn)

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Keith said...

I realize you already passed, but the answer is whichever multiple choice answer does not say always, never, or invariably.