Friday, February 10, 2006

Just in the nick of time

I just love how I can track my packages while I'm sitting at my desk at work!

Miss L. turns 1 year next Saturday, and we are planning a smallish birthday party for her and some of our closest friends and family. I picked out the theme (ladybugs, if you're interested) 5 or so months ago. I kept getting good coupons for free shipping, % off, etc. but kept forgetting to order the plates, napkins, cups, etc. before the coupons expired. So Monday, I finally remembered to order the stuff (15% off and free shipping, no less). The order confirmation page promised delivery by 2/16, and I thought great, that gives us a couple of days until we actually need the stuff. It was only Monday night that I got to wondering, 'So, Mrs. W., when precisely WERE you going to mail out the invitations?'

The miracle of computers shows that my order was delivered at my front door this morning! Yippee. We should be able to write out the invites tonight, put them in the mail Saturday morning, and most everybody should receive their invitations on Monday. We're still planning to call ahead and warn people about the upcoming festivities, but at least we won't be handing out the invites at the party. I'm not hugely up on etiquette, but giving out invitations while people are already at the party seems just a little off even to me.


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