Monday, December 05, 2005

Oh my aching . . . er back

Only 2 hours and 45 minutes before I am home and can relieve the pressure.

I am a lactating mom who works outside the home on a fulltime basis. This means I hook myself up to a really ridiculous machine known as a breastpump and express milk a couple of times a day. Ordinarily I leave my pump in the office since I have a real loathing of pumping and would not dream of voluntarily subjecting myself to the nasty thing when I have a perfectly warm, cuddly baby who much prefers milk straight from the source rather than from a bottle. However, as was noted in on my day off, I was home on Friday sans kiddos.

Knowing that I would need to express milk on Friday, I took my pump home with me. Unfortunately I forgot all about that little tidbit when packing up the minivan this morning. My pump is sitting all alone in my house, and I am beginning to resemble some variation of Betty Boop or Barbie. As my bustline increases through the day, my back and other parts become achier and achier. As luck would have it, I am wearing a sweater that ordinarily shows the teensiest, tiniest bit of cleavage. Now that my cup-size is growing by the minute, it's showing quite a bit more than the teensiest, tinieset bit of cleavage.

The questions remain: Will I explode before I manage to get myself home? Will I eventually tip over as I become more and more top-heavy? Will L. even be able to latch on as engorged as I am? Will my supply be negatively affected? Will this hiatus wind up causing a plugged duct? Inquiring minds wait to find out.

As the countdown to my first-ever enthusiastic greeting for my pump continues, I am left sincerely hoping that L. refuses her third bottle today and will nurse like a glutton when I pick her up.


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