Monday, February 13, 2006

Dear Miss C.

We have gotten dreadful news from daycare. Miss C. is apparently riddled with cancer. I am unbelievably sad.

Miss C. is one of those magical people who adores children and whom the children adore. She was in the infant room when S. first started daycare. She wound up transferring through various rooms that coincided with S.'s advancement, and S. adored her. I adored her. Mr. W. adored her. No matter how crabby or separation anxiety-ridden S. was, Miss C. could comfort her and we never left S. in her care without a smile on her face.

Three quarters of the kids in that daycare know Miss C. and hover around her like so many little bees. 'Miss C., look at my shirt, it has Mickey Mouse.' 'Miss C., I have a boo boo, and it's got a Chicken Little bandaid.' 'Miss C., we have a new cat.' 'Miss C., I'm going to be a horsey for Halloween.' Each little one clamors for her attention, and Miss C., always has the time for each and every little announcement.

Miss C. has been in the 2 year old room for a couple of years, and so S. has grown apart from her a bit. I'm not sure if we will tell S. what precisely is going on with Miss C. I am praying for a miracle, since that seems to be what is needed for her. I am also remembering the many days Miss C. comforted my daughter (and by extension me) during those early years when we were very much in the experimental phase when it came to parenting.

God, I love that woman. She is a fabulous teacher, and I really want L. to experience her magic as well.


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