Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm a Grandma

So last night S. announced that she was a beautiful caterpillar. She had blue on one side, red on the other side. Her tummy was gray with a long orange stripe that disappeared right around bedtime. Her cheeks were pink and her nose was purple. She also announced that she was carrying baby caterpillars around in her tummy and ignored me when I told her that caterpillars come from eggs laid by butterflies.

She nibbled on some leaves and set up a little nest for her baby caterpillars on the floor in her room before finally settling down in her own bed for the night. This morning, she announced that all her baby caterpillars were no longer in her tummy. They were now in her bed. She was going to send them to school in a big bush where nobody could see them while she went to school herself. So I asked her how many baby caterpillars she had. Her answer? 10!

I am the proud grandma to 10 baby caterpillars every color of the rainbow. They are snuggled down in a bush on S.'s bed where they are in school until we get home this evening.

This is quite a change for her. She's been a little blue horse for around 8 months or so. I wonder if I can convince her that caterpillar mommies don't shriek at the dinner table...


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