Saturday, September 09, 2006

Post-Partum Envy

PIM Tree had her baby this week. She went into labor during a little four mile run. I don't believe I have ever run more than two miles at a time, ever. Let alone while 36.5 weeks pregnant! Pictures reveal an absolutely gorgeous Tree and baby girl. I am thrilled for them, and love the name they have picked out.

I am also a trifle envious (not seriously, but just a bit of rue). As mentioned above, Tree looks marvelous. And I don't mean marvelous in that 'oh, you've had a baby, so we'll cut you some slack' marvelous. She looks fantastic!

Pictures of me the day after L. was born reveal a woman so swollen and puffy, that it does not look at all like me. Really! I was bigger 24 hours after L.'s birth than I was 5 minutes before. IV fluids are the most likely culprits for my post-partum inflation, but it still. All those pictures from the first few days after a baby's birth are supposed to show a glowing, happy mom. Not the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in glorious technicolor.

For your viewing pleasure:

5 hours before L. was born - there IS 9 pounds of baby in there plus the fetal and contraction monitors under the gown, btw (lovin the pit/saline accesories, woohoo):

2 days AFTER L. was born (complete lack of color due to having nearly bled to death two days prior, geez... were my lips really that pale?):

This summer (must throw in the cuteness factor and show that my face is almost always some shade of red):



Mayberry said...

Aw, great picture of you and the girls. I remember being shocked at how puffy I got post c-section... I thought that happened DURING pregnancy, not after!!

Tree said...

The puffiness came on the next day for me!

And you look great now - love the accessories!

Keith said...

I don't believe I have ever run more than two miles total lifetime.