Thursday, September 21, 2006


Missing: One Tinkerbell light up tennis shoe (left foot)

Description: Girl's size 10 in pristine condition. Worn just once.

Scenario: Said shoe entered the Wheezer household at 6:00 pm last night in the possession of four year old S. Some time between 6 and 8:30, shoe vanished leaving behind only a pair of socks and the right shoe (which has declined to give an interview). Suspects in the disappearance include one 19 month old (who is also not talking) and a kitchen garbage can. Investigators have removed two bags of trash from the front curb of the Wheezer home where they will be examined closely for podiatric paraphernalia. Mrs. Wheezer is noticeably distressed that bag 2 will remain in her garage for ANOTHER week until trash day rolls around.

If seen, please contact Mrs. Wheezer immediately. She would dearly love to avoid another rendition of 'Screeching Pre-Schooler' as performed by her own four year old.

That is all.



Shoe has been located cowering behind a door that Mrs. W. swears she checked earlier. Shoe is unharmed and has enjoyed a fun-filled day of romping around.


joansy said...

Very funny! Good luck on your quest to find it. I assume it is hanging out with the half dozen single shoes that we've lost over the last year or so.

Gretchen said...

Have you checked the toy box? That's where our odd shoes end up...