Monday, September 18, 2006


L. has her followup allergist appointment in 5 hours. My heart is beating way too fast, and I am choking down bile as we speak.

I am torn between hope that her allergy is waning and terrible fear that it isn't. Terror of a future with a life-threatening allergy and determination that this fear will not rule me battle in my gut.

I know the odds are very good that she will outgrow this. I know that, I really do. However, I also know that the odds of her having a food allergy were slim. The odds of her having an anaphylactic allergy to dairy were very, very slim, and I can't help worrying that we will continue to draw the long odds.

Five hours, and we will have a better picture of her situation. Five hours...


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Builder Mama said...

Good luck to you and the little one today. I fear we're headed back for a reevaluation soon and I am seriously dreading it...either the peanut thing is better or worse and that would seriously suck.

Hugs x a million!