Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Maybe she missed the point?

Sunday morning as the family drove to church together, Mr. W. and I got on the topic of dove hunting season. I expressed concern that we lived far enough in the country that we could hear the shotguns going off and thanks that rifles are not used in dove hunting. We both remarked on stupid/unsafe hunters, and then S. piped up in the back.

After asking why people shoot doves and receiving the answer that some people think doves taste good, she wanted to know if people killed hippopotamuses (hippopotami?). I told her that it was against the law to kill and eat a hippo. She (of course) wanted to know why, and I said that it was because there aren't enough hippos in the world, and we don't want to run out (okay, I don't know if hippos are endangered, but they're big and they're in zoos everywhere, plus she's got this thing where she really likes hippos, what do you want me to say? she's already traumatized that we eat turkeys).

Later that day, she went to Aunt Toot and told her she hoped all the big hippos had baby hippos and that the baby hippos would grow up so we can shoot them. I think she meant that she hopes we have enough hippos that they aren't endangered any more, but that she has been gifted with her mother's verbal eloquence.

Explaining the circle of life and environmental conservation to a four year old is tricky...


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