Monday, September 04, 2006


The AP is reporting that Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray while filming an underwater documentary on the Great Barrier Reef. My sympathies go out to his wife and children.

Irwin's programs never appealed to me. I found myself holding my breath waiting for someone to be seriously hurt, and I expected to hear one day of him being badly injured while filming someplace exotic. Whenever Mr. W. happened to have one of his programs on, I asked him to change the channel, as the stress was too much (even after telling myself that they wouldn't air a show that contained mayhem and maiming). It never occurred to me that he would be killed.

It was obvious that he was a man who had found his passion in life. At first, I thought he was just a lunatic out to make a buck or launch a career. As time went by, I decided he was probably more like a couple of my college professors. These were the men and women who were so wrapped up in their field of study, they had no concept that their obsession was exceptional or even all that unusual. I expect it was Mr. Irwin's obsession that led him to do the many things that left me squirming with anxiety for his and others safety.

Rest in peace Steve Irwin, you were a rare bird.


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Tree said...

Very accurate assessment. I am so sad for his wife and children.