Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This means war!

As the weather turns chilly, the battle lines are carefully measured. The innocent-seeming grounds will soon witness an hours-long herculean struggle to begin shortly after the participants finish putting lotion on their hands and switch off the lights.

I dive in first, carefully wrapping the sheet around my calves and ankles. The soft blue blanket is snugged up under my left shoulder and my hands knot around the comforter on top. Within minutes battle ensues. Mr. W. rolls over, but my grasp on all sheets and blankets is firm. Feeling warm and cozy, I drift off to sleep... for about 30 minutes when I realize my toes are cold. The chink in my armor is exposed, as all the covering from my knees down has become wrapped around the enemy's legs. A wriggle, a tug, a poke and a 'hey, I'm cold' later, the battle comes to a brief halt.

Peace never lasts long. While my feet continue to feel the cold, my blanket-holding shoulder remains secure through the night.

Tomorrow night I will rework the sheets around my calves strategy...


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Keith said...

When I got married, a friend warned me "Add a blanket on the floor on your side of the bed for when your wife takes yours." My wife doesn't steal covers, but I still think that was funny.